We LOVE videogames, but how can we have gaming but be sure we won’t divert guests’ attention away our night?

Our gaming keeps the spotlight on you, the newlyweds! We customize Bride Team vs. Groom Team challenges that keep your wedding unique and exciting, but all about you!

How can videogaming enhance our wedding reception?

Gaming sparks conversation, connection and smiles. Almost everyone has had great times with friends over Mario Kart, Sonic, Pac-Man, or Smash Bros!

Our wedding will have a pretty big age span. Can you create a package that entertains everyone?

Absolutely. GDL utilizes 4 decades of multiplayer videogames, plus lifesize board games like Jenga and Operation!

We’re having a “X” themed wedding. Do you have games that fit our needs?

After a few simple questions, we’ll use our decades of experience to pinpoint what gaming packages will floor your guests, in line with your theme!

How much space do you need?

From a cozy corner to a full ballroom, we build an entertainment package we both agree is perfect for you and your guests!

Can you help us plan other entertainment around gaming?

As members of the International Special Events Society, we work closely with the city’s top wedding & entertainment professionals. GDL can help you find the florist, venue, DJ or wedding coordinator perfect for you both!

What role does your staff have during the event?

We fully staff and lead the gaming area for the event duration to keep your guests having a fantastic time. And, need MCs? Help scheduling activities? The best complementary entertainment? GDL has you covered.