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For Anton, Make-A-Wish & Mercedes-Benz team up with Games Done Legit

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Anton wanted a black-tie affair for his Make-A-Wish, but with something a little extra that any kid would dream of: videogames & virtual reality! Our video below should tell you how that worked out for him! Overjoyed we are here making Anton’s VR & gaming wishes come true with Make A Wish Foundation tonight! A…

Cleveland Virtual Reality at the CLE International Film Festival – Games Done Legit & CLEvr

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Cleveland Virtual Reality

There is so much happening in Cleveland Virtual Reality, and in 2016 we were super excited to see the Cleveland International Film Festival ‘s Virtual Reality showcase of movies and documentaries crafted exclusively for VR. It was the first time I realized that VR’s power to convey empathy in the viewer in a way no other…

How Gaming Gives Back to Chardon High School

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Gaming gives back with Games Done Legit

Gaming gives back to us in many ways. Videogames take us on amazing journies, give us goals to achieve, help us make friends, and teach us in a way that isn’t totally boring (anyone learn how to spell “dysentery” thanks to Oregon Trail?). Our favorite videogames are also there for us when things aren’t so easy in real…

6 Metal Gear Solid Reads That Will Change How You See The World

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We all have works of fiction that inspire and shape our lives regularly, maybe even daily. And it makes sense — as early as humanity could talk, and then write, we love creating and telling stories! And our appetite and affection for fiction has only increased in the 20th century, first with film, and then videogames. These 6 Metal Gear…

Cleveland Clash – Smash x Street Fighter V: The Runback!

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This is Round 9 of the one of the finest events in Cleveland Video Games — Cleveland Clash, a fighting-game, retrogaming & Super Smash Bros. event where everyone’s welcome, regardless of whether you plan to win, take notes or meet friends. $320 pot, 32 players for our 1st Street Fighter V tournament! We got 16…

How To Play Street Fighter II (And Why) Today

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How to play Street Fighter II? No one at Capcom could have ever predicted the effect Street Fighter II would have on arcade goers, videogame players, two generations, and even popular culture, on a worldwide level. Like pretty much every kid old enough to hold a controller in 1991, I was obsessed with Street Fighter II,…