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3 Things Dance Dance Revolution Taught Me About Running a Business: Part 1

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It’s usually a lot more fun to work on your hobby than work on your work. I love running Games Done Legit, but I don’t always love running a business. But when I think of running a business like I do achieving in videogames, it makes a little more sense to me. With that, I realized 3 things…

4 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Videogames

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It took me years to realize how, in so many subtle ways, my hobby of videogaming prepared me to be an entrepreneur. Finally, studies are researching more than the 1990s witchhunt of “do videogames make kids violent” (answer: it was “no”). They’re looking at how playing videogames helps kids think and evolve in ways school doesn’t….

How Videogames Teach You To Be an Entrepreneur: Part 1

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Unlike with videogames (or video games, that’s another debate I’ve written about here), no manual comes with being an entrepreneur. Figuring out how you can make quitting your desk job and following your dream path a successful endeavor is like reading GameFAQs to play Mortal Kombat: everyone’s got a different take on what’s best, and…