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Videogames for Corporate Game-Show Theme – A Fresh Spin on an Old Corporate Event Theme

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Corporate Game Show Theme by Games DOne Legit

I think the greatest asset you can have as an events professional is the ability to craft an event that’s simultaneously fresh and familiar. And the corporate event idea for Game Show theme is one of the oldest around. So how do you keep your theme but deliver something new and engaging for employees? The…

Hyland Software Celebrates Employee Appreciation with Games Done Legit!

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Hyland Software Employee Appreciation Games Done Legit Corporate

Anyone who knows business in Cleveland knows Hyland Software. Even if you aren’t familiar with its B2B Content Management Platform — Onbase —  Clevelanders know Hyland by reputation for employee appreciation and workplace culture. Named #75 Best Workplace in the Country by Fortune in 2017, Games Done Legit was proud to provide our top-of-the-line services to…