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Demystifying Experiential Training – The Why & Stuff to Try (NOHRC 2018)

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Experiential Training by Games Done Legit

Do you hate business-isms as much as I do? Words like “synergy” and “paradigm” and “pivot” have evolved/devolved beyond their dictionary definition, morphing into neutered buzzwords seemingly reserved for high-level snoozefest meetings. “Experiential” is getting there. But don’t let its overuse detract you from in what my opinion is the single-most-important realization HR professionals are…

Fun Corporate Training: 3 Programs to Make It Less Painful – Games Done Legit

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Fun Corpoate Training Blog Post Games Done Legit

It’s our company mission and my personal never-ending quest to make work less like “work”. After a year of learning and meeting HR professionals, I present to you “Fun Corporate Training: 3 Programs to Make It Less Painful” to kick off your new year! We met hundreds of cool HR professionals last year through joining…

Research Shows Measured Impact in VR Training, yet what’s missing? | Games Done Legit

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VR training Games Done Legit Intopalo

There is finally researching coming out to show VR training and its measured impact on businesses. Yet, we think one key element will define whether VR training will change the workplace forever: fun. Some CLE Sports crossover this week as we showed the Browns staff what’s possible with the Cavs winning the Finals in 360-degree VR!…