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3 Ways You Know You’ve Planned a Successful Team-Building Activity

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3 way successful team building from games done legit

During HR trade shows and consultations, we ask: “What have you done for team building in the past?” Half the time I get answers I wouldn’t define as “building” — sometimes, they’re downright destructive. So after doing these for a few years now, I feel I’ve pinpointed the 3 ways you know you’ve planned a…

The Videogame Gauntlet of Cleveland Corporate Challenge was a Huge Success!

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We love videogames. It’s not just experiencing the challenge of endless adventure – videogaming is a universal language that fosters friendships, conjures memories, and helps us feel like we can achieve anything. Cleveland Corporate Challenge has been delivering on the power of play in the workplace for years, and this year it went a step farther with…