Augmented Reality Can Take Events to the Next Level

Chris Hatala from Games Done Legit showcasing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Business
Chris Hatala from Games Done Legit showcasing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Business

It never ends. You’re just beginning to feel good with Instagram, Snapchat is still mysterious, and now you’re hearing that “VR” and “AR” are the next big things in special-event engagement?

I’m right with you. Social-media event integration gets a lot of hype, but it’s so tough to measure its ROI. Creating content people genuinely want to share and interact with is even tougher.

Similarly, don’t freak out over virtual and augmented reality — yet.

Room-scale virtual reality, like the HTC Vive, does need to be experienced to be believed, but in terms of event engagement, it should be low on your priority list. Here’s why:

One headset is needed per user

A high-grade, room-scale VR zone starts at $2,000

Almost nobody knows how to effectively use VR yet for business, which we lay out for you in a recent post at

So then, what the heck is AR, and why does it matter so much more right now for your special events?


Video game events company aims to do more than entertain

A Crain’s Cleveland Business feature on how Games Done Legit uses videogames and virtual reality (VR) creatively for corporate events and fundraisers, by Chuck Soder.

“Chris Hatala admits he was an awkward, introverted kid. But he did know of one good way to make friends.

Best of Cleveland - Crain's Cleveland - Games Done Legit 1

Turns out, he was pretty good at video games, especially fighting games like Street Fighter II. By hanging out at arcades and playing in video game competitions, Hatala got to know “people of every race, every creed, every socio-economic status.” Despite the fact that, on screen, they were trying to beat the daylights out of each other.

Those early experiences convinced him that people are naturally inclined to bond with one another while playing video games.

Best of Cleveland - Crain's Cleveland - Games Done Legit 5

He watched that same phenomenon play out with students at Euclid High School in 2013, when Games Done Legit hosted its first video game event.

“Video games can really bring people together,” Hatala said.

Best of Cleveland - Crain's Cleveland - Games Done Legit 6

Today, his company sets up video game consoles and virtual reality systems at all kinds of events. Some of his clients just want to entertain their guests, and Hatala is happy to oblige.

But Games Done Legit also does corporate events, fundraisers and other events that use the company’s services for a higher purpose.”

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ILEA Cleveland-Member Spotlight, Chris Hatala @ Games Done Legit

Many professionals take a long, twisting path toward an eventual special-events career. Chris Hatala started Games Done Legit during a 7-year run as co-founder and co-director of an annual, international videogame competition. Experiencing firsthand the social, shared experience of videogaming across multiple generations, he formed a videogame events & parties company to make his dream of working in the events industry a reality.


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Keep It Local Cleveland-Business Member Spotlight on Games Done Legit

Games Done Legit

Games Done Legit logo

Games Done Legit wants to share that joy of gaming with everyone during the biggest events of your lives: corporate team-building & entertainment, spectacular bar/bat mitzvahs, creative fundraisers, custom weddings, and enhanced education.

Spotlight – Business Member

Chris Hatala, Event Director / Final Boss, tells us the in’s & out’s of his gaming business- Games Done Legit 

“It took 30 years, but I found out how to merge my professional passion with my personal one.”

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Nordonia Hills News-Turn your passion into your reality & touch lives!

Learn how you can turn your passion into your reality AND touch the lives of many while doing so – A conversation with Chris Hatala, Owner of GDL and former longtime resident of Macedonia, Ohio

By: Felicia Naoum

Clearly, video gaming is a huge part of American culture. So many of us do it and do it often. An avid video gamer, since childhood, turned his hobby into his career. Video gaming isn’t what Chris Halata does on his evening off or free weekend here and there. Video gaming is Chris’s “9-5er”. It’s his job. And here’s how it all began…

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WKYC Cleveland News-Cleveland Gaming Expo w/ Games Done Legit

Chris Hatala, Event Director / Final Boss @ Games Done Legit, was featured on the WKYC Channel 3 Cleveland News to spread the word about the Cleveland Gaming Expo, an all-ages celebration of all things gaming!

Chris talks about the impact videogames have on our lives, and why families are passing their love of classic gaming down to their children.

Fresh Water Cleveland-Games Done Legit brings gaming to classroom

Videogames have long been derided as brain-melting time wasters, a label Chris Hatala has spent a good portion of his career refuting.

Hatala  is founder of GDL Entertainment, Ltd. (Games Done Legit), an event-planning company that integrates video games into wedding receptions, corporate teambuilding programs and other non-traditional spaces. Educational programming is GDL’s latest stereotype-busting venture, particularly in reaching children through gaming and coding.

Over the last year, a GDL program at Horizon Education Centers has school-age kids harnessing games as both a learning tool and character builder. Children attending the center are divided into groups, then work together to solve problems relayed through math or shape recognition games. A puzzle game calledDragonBox, for example, teaches kids simple concepts related to algebraic equations.

“They’re doing algebra by the end of the session,” says Hatala. “This is hard education.”

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