Isaac’s Bar Mitzvah Photos!

If you were one of the lucky attendees of Isaac’s Games Done Legit Bar Mitzvah on 9-10-2016, you can find all the Green Screen photos of the event in the gallery below (scroll down)! Lighting/Monograms by Nick McGill Entertainment!

Isaac with the custom Super Mario level we made just for him to show off to all his friends at his bar mitzvah!bar-mitzvah-games-done-legit-6

unique-bar-mitzvah-games-done-legit-6-videogames-virtual-realityunique-bar-mitzvah-games-done-legit-3-videogames-virtual-reality unique-bar-mitzvah-games-done-legit-1-videogames-virtual-reality


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After your next party we want everyone saying #ItWasLegit like at Isaac’s bar mitzvah!

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