Make It FUN at your Employee Appreciation!

Been searching for a new way to thrill everyone at your biggest parties? Need a sure way to get everyone laughing, smiling and staying till closing time? Want to highlight what an awesome place to work you have?

Gaming brings the generations together!

Gaming brings your team together in fresh ways:

Games Done Legit holiday party videogames VR

Giant Screens For Engaging Players and Spectators

Whether its an entire ballroom or one corner, we entertain hundreds at once.

Crains Cleveland Games Done Legit

Games Bring Smiles to Everyone's Faces!

Gaming is one the best icebreakers

The Videogames Your Associates All Grew Up With and Still Love

Atari, Nintendo, Xbox, VR: Grab your friends to play the games you love!

"From the Virtual Reality Zone to Retrogames to Ferrari Racing, we had the best time!"

Mike Trappe, Cleveland Magazine


How do videogames enhance my event?

Videogames are one of the easiest way to spark conversation, emotion, and smiles. Almost everyone has a personal story of how a videogame helped them make friends.

My workplace has a pretty big age span. Can you create a party that entertains everyone?

Absolutely. GDL offers not only multiplayer videogaming, but also board games and interactive trivia & party games that can feature up to 100 players in the same game!

We’re having a holiday-themed party. Do you have games that fit our theme?

We make your event unique by drawing on decade of experience in gaming and event entertainment. With a few simple questions, we’ll use your expertise to pinpoint exactly what will floor your guests.

How much space do you need?

From a cozy corner to a full ballroom, we’ll provide the entertainment package we both agree is perfect for your event!

What role does your staff have during the event?

As big or small as your team needs. We fully staffing the gaming area for the event duration to keep your guests having a fantastic time. And do you need professional MCs? Help scheduling activities? Recommendations on the best complementary entertainment? We’ve got you covered.

How can GDL events help my team grow as communicators and leaders?

Studies are now showing that gaming actively stimulates the brain, help us make better (and faster) choices, and helps us experiment without fear of failure. We design activities that are so entertaining, your employees won’t realize how much they’re learning — until we show them what they’ve accomplished.

How will GDL help me pick games that can create a completely fresh experience for my staff?

We’re videogame historians, champion gamers, and constant learners. We also understand the needs of every event professional and team manager.

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