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VR news: Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 in Virtual Reality!

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If you’ve got any VR viewer (Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, even the serious stuff like a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift), you can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 in Virtual Reality! Make sure you have the “Cardboard” app (by Google) from Google Play or App Store. Keep this page (or…

The Videogame Gauntlet of Cleveland Corporate Challenge was a Huge Success!

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We love videogames. It’s not just experiencing the challenge of endless adventure – videogaming is a universal language that fosters friendships, conjures memories, and helps us feel like we can achieve anything. Cleveland Corporate Challenge has been delivering on the power of play in the workplace for years, and this year it went a step farther with…

3 Adorable Uses of Virtual Reality that will make you say “Awwww!” – VR

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Virtual Reality VR Cute Games Done Legit

While we’re continually talking about how VR and AR can dramatically impact education and business for the better, there’s not enough talk about how it can better showcase the most adorable stuff on the Internet. Here’s 3 uses of Virtual Reality that will make you say “Awwww!” VR? 360? What’s the difference? Virtual Reality is…

25 Clevelanders Can See the New Power Rangers Movie FREE

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POwer Rangers VIdeogame

You probably remember SABAN’s Power Rangers more for the cheesetastic show and less the middling videogames (if you can call the SEGA CD title below a “videogame”). Whelp, our favorite ’90s rainbow teen ninjas and their Zords are Gestalt-ing their way back to the screen, this time with a little more production value. Lucky for you,…

Broken Strings’ Cleveland Videogame-Music Concert for Crohn’s, Dec. 4

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Games Done Legit Broken Strings Cleveland Videogame-Music Concert 2016

What: A videogame music concert recital, featuring unique arrangements of some of the most beloved music in videogame history, performed by Broken Strings and in partnership with Games Done Legit entertainment. A projection show behind our musicians will accompany them through our pixelated musical journey! Plus enjoy free baked goods the musicians made themselves after in a…

Cleveland Clash: Smash x Pokemon Go x Street Fighter – July 16

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This is Round 13 of the one of the finest events in Cleveland Video Games — Cleveland Clash, a fighting-game, retrogaming & Super Smash Bros. event where everyone’s welcome, regardless of whether you plan to win, take notes or meet friends. AND POKEMON GO. Experience Cleveland Clash, thanks to Earl Carlton: Our amateur bracket +…

What’s in a Game – Is Videogame One Word Or Two?

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Gamers, I’m going to do something videogames do to us quite a bit: ask you a question, to find out once and for all, is videogame one word or two? Q: What is a videogame? A: An entertainment activity in which players operate a simple device to complete tasks digitally. B: A new entertainment medium rivaling…