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Implicit Bias Training: Walk A Mile In Their Shoes with Virtual Reality

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VIrtual Reality VR Implicit Bias Training Games Done Legit

It’s always been said that to understand others, we need to walk a mile in their shoes. Now thanks to some new training we found in Virtual Reality, for the time you literally can. We all know that achieving workplace diversity and inclusion – and unconscious / implicit bias training – is vital! They’re areas…

3 Ways to Know the Company Selling you Virtual Reality for Business is Full of It

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VR Snake Oil Salesman

As sure as Mario collects coins, more and more businesses are using virtual reality as a “look, shiny!” way to get you interested in whatever they want to sell you. Here’s 3 Ways to Know the Company Selling you Virtual Reality for Business is Full of It. Editor’s note: At Games Done Legit, we are…

Avoid the One Huge Mistake Businesses Are Making With Virtual Reality Marketing

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virtual reality marketing mistake Games Done Legit VR business

Virtual Reality is today’s hottest technology. The problem is, most consumers and businesses have no idea what to do with it, and intrepid snake-oil salesmen have moved from SEO to VR to take your money. As a business owner making VR and Augmented Reality (think Pokemon Go) a key part of his business, I need to share…

Research Shows Measured Impact in VR Training, yet what’s missing? | Games Done Legit

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VR training Games Done Legit Intopalo

There is finally researching coming out to show VR training and its measured impact on businesses. Yet, we think one key element will define whether VR training will change the workplace forever: fun. Some CLE Sports crossover this week as we showed the Browns staff what’s possible with the Cavs winning the Finals in 360-degree VR!…

Cleveland Virtual Reality at the CLE International Film Festival – Games Done Legit & CLEvr

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Cleveland Virtual Reality

There is so much happening in Cleveland Virtual Reality, and in 2016 we were super excited to see the Cleveland International Film Festival ‘s Virtual Reality showcase of movies and documentaries crafted exclusively for VR. It was the first time I realized that VR’s power to convey empathy in the viewer in a way no other…

Why I Love Running Kids Videogame Tournaments More Than eSports

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blog videogame-events-for-kids games done legit

Running what’s now called “eSports” events (i.e. large-scale, spectator + competitor videogaming competitions) is how I found realized my personal and professional passion — gaming events — could be one and the same. But running kids videogame tournaments is my new passion, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The eventual champ, “KBrad”, at our…

3 Ways Pokemon Go Evolved The Benefits of Gaming

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Pokemon Go blog post Games Done Legit benefits of gaming

Pokemon Go: giving entirely new meaning to “Gotta catch ’em all!” You’ve probably already heard the negative press (and the actual tragedies caused by extreme carelessness) surrounding the game. Lucky for you, I’m here to tell you the biggest 3 ways Pokemon Go evolved the benefits of gaming! If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance…

6 Metal Gear Solid Reads That Will Change How You See The World

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We all have works of fiction that inspire and shape our lives regularly, maybe even daily. And it makes sense — as early as humanity could talk, and then write, we love creating and telling stories! And our appetite and affection for fiction has only increased in the 20th century, first with film, and then videogames. These 6 Metal Gear…

Why Storytelling in Videogames is So Powerful

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Videogames are an unmatched medium in terms of immersing and connecting us with fictional characters. Being able to control what happens makes us feel everything in a game much more strongly than if we just watched a game’s events unfold on their own. So  that makes a well-told story in a videogame that much more powerful….