4 Things Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From Videogames

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It took me years to realize how, in so many subtle ways, my hobby of videogaming prepared me to be an entrepreneur. Finally, studies are researching more than the 1990s witchhunt of “do videogames make kids violent” (answer: it was “no”). They’re looking at how playing videogames helps kids think and evolve in ways school doesn’t….

Cleveland Clash – Smash x Street Fighter V: The Runback!

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This is Round 9 of the one of the finest events in Cleveland Video Games — Cleveland Clash, a fighting-game, retrogaming & Super Smash Bros. event where everyone’s welcome, regardless of whether you plan to win, take notes or meet friends. $320 pot, 32 players for our 1st Street Fighter V tournament! We got 16…

How Video Games Live Ohio Warmed My Gamer Heart of Stone

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When anything fun becomes your job, it becomes inherently less fun, right? Logic says yes, but Video Games Live Ohio was an awe-inspiring reminder to me of how joyful gaming is, and why I’m on the right path! Jesse Baker, the owner of Arcade Legacy (check them out), a family arcade open for a number of years…

Cleveland Clash – Smash x Street Fighter V edition

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This is Round 8 of the one of the finest events in Cleveland Video Games — Cleveland Clash, a fighting-game, retrogaming & Super Smash Bros. event where everyone’s welcome, regardless of whether you plan to win, take notes or meet friends. This will be Northeast Ohio’s first major Street Fighter V event, which joins our…

SmashCraft – Nordonia Hills Library Videogame Event

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SmashCraft: Tournament and Retro Gaming Gamers unite! Join your fellow gamers for a Super Smash Brothers Wii U tournament with prizes. If tournament play isn’t your thing, check out the Minecraft corner and retro gaming with classics from the Nintendo 64. All ages and walk-ins welcome, but pre-registration for the tournament is strongly suggested. When:…

Cleveland Clash + Extra Life

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Cleveland Clash has raised more than $1,000 for Pilgrim Congregational Church so far! We were even featured in the church bulletin for our efforts to Pilgrim, which has a TON of awesome programs to benefit the needy in Cleveland, including a full-scale food pantry. This month we’ll also be running a fundraiser for Extra Life,…

Cleveland Gaming Expo + Nintendo Quest – Oct. 10-11

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Cleveland Gaming Expo, produced by Games Done Legit What: An all-ages celebration of all things gaming! Showcasing videogame competition and development; board-game fandom; plus films and panels about videogaming. When: Oct. 10-11, 2015 Where: Gordon Square Arts District (Near West Theater, Near West Loft Space, Detroit Shoreway Pop-Up Businesses, The Capitol Theater) Who: Produced by…

Pixels Review

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Videogames have come a long way since The Wizard. The 1989 Fred-Savage vehicle captured on film two brothers’ improbable (well, OK, impossible) runaway journey across two states to attend (and win) the $50,000 Videogame World Championships. The film, a thinly veiled commercial for Nintendo, is an awesome early testament to the mass appeal of videogames….

PIXELS Game Night w/ Prizes!

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Are you PUMPED that our love of retrogaming is about to be celebrated in a new blockbuster motion picture? What: Pixels The Movie party with Games Done Legit tournaments, prizes & reetrogaming! Want to win a FREE pass to the PIXELS July 21 Crocker Park screening? Share this event post on Facebook and you can win…

How To Play Street Fighter II (And Why) Today

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How to play Street Fighter II? No one at Capcom could have ever predicted the effect Street Fighter II would have on arcade goers, videogame players, two generations, and even popular culture, on a worldwide level. Like pretty much every kid old enough to hold a controller in 1991, I was obsessed with Street Fighter II,…

What’s in a Game – Is Videogame One Word Or Two?

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Gamers, I’m going to do something videogames do to us quite a bit: ask you a question, to find out once and for all, is videogame one word or two? Q: What is a videogame? A: An entertainment activity in which players operate a simple device to complete tasks digitally. B: A new entertainment medium rivaling…

How Videogames Teach You To Be an Entrepreneur: Part 1

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Unlike with videogames (or video games, that’s another debate I’ve written about here), no manual comes with being an entrepreneur. Figuring out how you can make quitting your desk job and following your dream path a successful endeavor is like reading GameFAQs to play Mortal Kombat: everyone’s got a different take on what’s best, and…

Cleveland Retrogame League!

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Games Done Legit’s Cleveland Retrogame League is a love letter to the pick-up-and-play simplicity of classic gaming, that everyone can enjoy and compete in, and to past retro events like the Nintendo World Championships (which Chris Hatala, Final Boss/Event Director of GDL, actually competed in at eight years old in 1990!). Featuring retrogames across all…

The Fight is Everything: Why a new tournament was worth fighting for

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Cleveland Clash 2 is in two days, and by all accounts it should be a pretty sweet tournament. I’m excited to see the Great Lakes region’s enthusiasm for a regular event. I’ve been awesome meeting new people and seeing old friends. And it’s great to try offer you all perks like casual stations, free retrogaming…

Cleveland Clash 2 – MKX is added!

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Cleveland’s Monthly FGC/Smash/Retrogame monthly is back, with a few additions! Thanks to Alex “Ajax” Cantrell for supporting with this awesome trailer to capture all the great times from our 1st Clash: What: Cleveland Clash, a new Super Smash Bros., fighting-game, & retrogame tournament open to all regional gamers. Where: Pilgrim Congregational Church, Main Gymnasium. 2592 W…

Why Storytelling in Videogames is So Powerful

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Videogames are an unmatched medium in terms of immersing and connecting us with fictional characters. Being able to control what happens makes us feel everything in a game much more strongly than if we just watched a game’s events unfold on their own. So  that makes a well-told story in a videogame that much more powerful….

Cleveland Clash: The WHY & CC1 Results

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So Games Done Legit’s first Cleveland Clash is over, and it was pretty sweet. Before posting the results and everything, A: I want to thank the guys who are making Cleveland videogames a thing again, and B: Tell you the story of why.   Gino Zaccardelli‘s stream Dirty Nerds ( did an incredible amount of work to…