3 Ways You Know You’ve Planned a Successful Team-Building Activity

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3 way successful team building from games done legit

During HR trade shows and consultations, we ask: “What have you done for team building in the past?” Half the time I get answers I wouldn’t define as “building” — sometimes, they’re downright destructive. So after doing these for a few years now, I feel I’ve pinpointed the 3 ways you know you’ve planned a…

Implicit Bias Training: Walk A Mile In Their Shoes with Virtual Reality

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VIrtual Reality VR Implicit Bias Training Games Done Legit

It’s always been said that to understand others, we need to walk a mile in their shoes. Now thanks to some new training we found in Virtual Reality, for the time you literally can. We all know that achieving workplace diversity and inclusion – and unconscious / implicit bias training – is vital! They’re areas…

Demystifying Experiential Training – The Why & Stuff to Try (NOHRC 2018)

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Experiential Training by Games Done Legit

Do you hate business-isms as much as I do? Words like “synergy” and “paradigm” and “pivot” have evolved/devolved beyond their dictionary definition, morphing into neutered buzzwords seemingly reserved for high-level snoozefest meetings. “Experiential” is getting there. But don’t let its overuse detract you from in what my opinion is the single-most-important realization HR professionals are…

Videogames for Corporate Game-Show Theme – A Fresh Spin on an Old Corporate Event Theme

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Corporate Game Show Theme by Games DOne Legit

I think the greatest asset you can have as an events professional is the ability to craft an event that’s simultaneously fresh and familiar. And the corporate event idea for Game Show theme is one of the oldest around. So how do you keep your theme but deliver something new and engaging for employees? The…

Let Virtual Reality+ Racing from Games Done Legit entertain you at Cleveland Beerfest!

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We were excited to exhibit VR & retrogaming at the Columbus Beerfest last year, and it was such a hit that Games Done Legit is bringing a whole awesome Entertainment Zone to our home city for Cleveland Beerfest Winter! We think you be having similar reactions to everyone at last summer’s Hyland Software Employee Appreciation…

Fun Corporate Training: 3 Programs to Make It Less Painful – Games Done Legit

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Fun Corpoate Training Blog Post Games Done Legit

It’s our company mission and my personal never-ending quest to make work less like “work”. After a year of learning and meeting HR professionals, I present to you “Fun Corporate Training: 3 Programs to Make It Less Painful” to kick off your new year! We met hundreds of cool HR professionals last year through joining…

Cleveland Monsters Marvel Night Green Screen Photos

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Cleveland Monsters Games Done Legit Marvel

We at Games Done Legit had the amazing honor of contributing to the Cleveland Monsters‘ awesome Marvel Super Heroes night with tons of classic & modern multi-player gaming and “Be A Super Hero” Virtual Reality! If you and your family stopped by our Green Screen for a group photo (with or without Iron Man himself),…

VR news: Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 in Virtual Reality!

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If you’ve got any VR viewer (Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, even the serious stuff like a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift), you can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2017 in Virtual Reality! Make sure you have the “Cardboard” app (by Google) from Google Play or App Store. Keep this page (or…

3 Ways to Know the Company Selling you Virtual Reality for Business is Full of It

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VR Snake Oil Salesman

As sure as Mario collects coins, more and more businesses are using virtual reality as a “look, shiny!” way to get you interested in whatever they want to sell you. Here’s 3 Ways to Know the Company Selling you Virtual Reality for Business is Full of It. Editor’s note: At Games Done Legit, we are…

For Anton, Make-A-Wish & Mercedes-Benz team up with Games Done Legit

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Anton wanted a black-tie affair for his Make-A-Wish, but with something a little extra that any kid would dream of: videogames & virtual reality! Our video below should tell you how that worked out for him! Overjoyed we are here making Anton’s VR & gaming wishes come true with Make A Wish Foundation tonight! A…

Hyland Software Celebrates Employee Appreciation with Games Done Legit!

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Hyland Software Employee Appreciation Games Done Legit Corporate

Anyone who knows business in Cleveland knows Hyland Software. Even if you aren’t familiar with its B2B Content Management Platform — Onbase —  Clevelanders know Hyland by reputation for employee appreciation and workplace culture. Named #75 Best Workplace in the Country by Fortune in 2017, Games Done Legit was proud to provide our top-of-the-line services to…

The Videogame Gauntlet of Cleveland Corporate Challenge was a Huge Success!

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We love videogames. It’s not just experiencing the challenge of endless adventure – videogaming is a universal language that fosters friendships, conjures memories, and helps us feel like we can achieve anything. Cleveland Corporate Challenge has been delivering on the power of play in the workplace for years, and this year it went a step farther with…

3 Adorable Uses of Virtual Reality that will make you say “Awwww!” – VR

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Virtual Reality VR Cute Games Done Legit

While we’re continually talking about how VR and AR can dramatically impact education and business for the better, there’s not enough talk about how it can better showcase the most adorable stuff on the Internet. Here’s 3 uses of Virtual Reality that will make you say “Awwww!” VR? 360? What’s the difference? Virtual Reality is…

Avoid the One Huge Mistake Businesses Are Making With Virtual Reality Marketing

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virtual reality marketing mistake Games Done Legit VR business

Virtual Reality is today’s hottest technology. The problem is, most consumers and businesses have no idea what to do with it, and intrepid snake-oil salesmen have moved from SEO to VR to take your money. As a business owner making VR and Augmented Reality (think Pokemon Go) a key part of his business, I need to share…

Research Shows Measured Impact in VR Training, yet what’s missing? | Games Done Legit

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VR training Games Done Legit Intopalo

There is finally researching coming out to show VR training and its measured impact on businesses. Yet, we think one key element will define whether VR training will change the workplace forever: fun. Some CLE Sports crossover this week as we showed the Browns staff what’s possible with the Cavs winning the Finals in 360-degree VR!…

Broken Strings Videogame-Music Concert for Crohn’s: Spring 2017 Recital

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Sonic Broken Strings Games Done Legit concert

Our December recital was awesome so we’re excited to have the ladies back with all-new videogame arrangements! What: A videogame music concert recital, featuring unique arrangements of some of the most beloved music in videogame history, performed by Broken Strings and in partnership with Games Done Legit entertainment. A projection show behind our musicians will accompany…

Cleveland Virtual Reality at the CLE International Film Festival – Games Done Legit & CLEvr

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Cleveland Virtual Reality

There is so much happening in Cleveland Virtual Reality, and in 2016 we were super excited to see the Cleveland International Film Festival ‘s Virtual Reality showcase of movies and documentaries crafted exclusively for VR. It was the first time I realized that VR’s power to convey empathy in the viewer in a way no other…

25 Clevelanders Can See the New Power Rangers Movie FREE

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POwer Rangers VIdeogame

You probably remember SABAN’s Power Rangers more for the cheesetastic show and less the middling videogames (if you can call the SEGA CD title below a “videogame”). Whelp, our favorite ’90s rainbow teen ninjas and their Zords are Gestalt-ing their way back to the screen, this time with a little more production value. Lucky for you,…

3 Things Dance Dance Revolution Taught Me About Running a Business: Part 1

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DDR Business Blog Games Done Legit

It’s usually a lot more fun to work on your hobby than work on your work. I love running Games Done Legit, but I don’t always love running a business. But when I think of running a business like I do achieving in videogames, it makes a little more sense to me. With that, I realized 3 things…