Chris Hatala


Event Director / Final Boss, GAMES DONE LEGIT

Right now, you might be thinking, “What do videogames have to do with special events?” Our story of Games Done Legit‘s origin demonstrates how interactive entertainment brings us together like nothing else.

Growing up, I was an unpopular, short, smart, nerdy kid with insanely unmanageable head of hair. But after school, none of that mattered.

Through videogames, I learned to test my skills, overcome challenges, experience new worlds, and make new friends. Arcades were the only place I didn’t feel self-conscious about my height! The normal things kids tease you about don’t apply in the gaming world.

Early on, I began to understand the uniting, feel-good, social power of videogames.

Then from 2006-2012, my friend and I created and directed what became one of the world’s international videogame tournaments. I got to meet and entertain people from all different countries and walks of life.

Our annual event drove home to me what amazing impact videogames can have on our lives.

Games Done Legit tournament origin story Chris Hatala Season's Beatings

Whether you grew up with Pac-Man, Mario or Minecraft, videogames are a huge part of our culture. My story is not unique: for many of us, games have a profoundly positive effect on our lives.

I started Games Done Legit to share that joy with everyone during the biggest events of their lives.

EVO Chris Hatala with Tournament of Legends Street Fighter II Championship Belt

I hope you enjoyed our story. I want to hear your favorite gaming stories, whether it was hours of Mario Kart in high school or quarters spent on getting just one level higher in Donkey Kong.

Then we can build an interactive event experience that your guests have never imagined and will never forget!

Game on!

— Chris Hatala, Event Director / Final Boss, Games Done Legit