Videogame Hockey Tournament, Finals on Q Jumbotron-Signup by Monday

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Cleveland Monsters videogame hockey tournament


Ever wanted to play videogames on an Arena Jumbotron? The Cleveland Monsters, Games Done Legitthe Microsoft Store of Beachwood and Hughies are giving you the chance with a sweet videogame hockey tournament!

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What: Email us for info on Game Version (It’s today’s videogame hockey)

2-person teams
*Arena Tour
*Tickets to 7 p.m. Monsters game
*Winners take home pot winnings based on number of entrants
*NHL ’94 (SEGA Genesis & Super NES) Freeplay TVs

Price: $50/team (Tournament capped at 64 teams, so register ASAP!)

Register: Call 216.420.2937, or email Joe Kummerl at

All players: For in-depth tournament rules sheet, scroll to the bottom of this page below graphics. Please read before submitting any questions 🙂 

When: Nov. 12
-2 p.m. – 1st pool of players competes
-4 p.m. – 2nd pool of players competes
-6 p.m. – Winners of both pools compete
-7 p.m. – Cleveland Monsters Game!
-10 p.m. – Tournament Finals Played on Q Humungotron

Where: Quicken Loans Arena (1 Center Ct, Cleveland, OH 44115)

Cleveland Monsters NHL 17 videogame hockey tournament with Games Done Legit and Microsoft 

The Cleveland Monsters, Games Done Legit, and the Microsoft Store are excited to be giving Cleveland gamers this unique, awesome opportunity!


Tournament Format:

*Tournament seeding will be determined in order of team registration.
(Meaning the first time that registers will be placed at the top of their bracket, the 2nd team to register at the bottom, the 3rd team in the middle, the 4th team in the middle, and so forth.)
*Tournament is single elimination. Other activities include arena venue tour, food and NHL ’94 freeplay TVs
*Format is Xbox One – controllers provided, but you may bring your own.
*Coin flip will decide choice of which goal to defend (top or bottom) to begin game.

In-Game Settings:

*All settings on Default (Time, Skill Level, etc.)
*Team selection will be random.
-With team selection set to random/roulette, players will press “A” to select a team. If the players don’t want that team, they can repeat process 2 more times. The 3rd time you must play with that final team.
*Goalie must be computer-controlled, but players may control all other positions.
*No custom players
*Only real NHL or AHL teams may be played (i.e. All-Star teams banned)

Any questions, please email Joe Kummerl at after you’ve read the FAQ! Thanks!

This event is not sponsored by or affiliated with EA Sports; it is a fair-use event.